Google+ Link Obfuscator

An index file with some PHP GET code, instant redirect and basic string parsing to hide any embedded post link on Google+ behind a title and meta description of your choice.

For a demanding troll, this tool presents a state of the art solution for instant rickroll griefing, prank linking and similar wellness attributes of modern social engineering. The code is currently unmonitored and I don’t really care what you use it for as I believe you’re a good person in essence.!&description=Uncensored+footage+of+the+14th+Dalai+Lama+Tenzin+Gyatso+of+Tibet+unleashing+the+roundhouse+fury+upon+an+overly+intrusive+American+paparazzi,+proving+his+secret+Ying+Zhao+Pai+training%2E

Using a custom favicon does currently not work since Google just takes it from the server root and/or it’s own cache, not sure what to do about it at this very moment. I’ve uploaded the Fox News icon for the time being, so the links do not look so bland.